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Writing Product Descriptions That Make Customers Hungry!

Product Description Copywriting
Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Today, we’re opening a new category at the SEOigloo blog just for copywriting tips. This is to celebrate our new full-featured Professional Web Copywriting Service at Solas Web Design. We’ll kick things off with some simple tips for any web business dealing in fine food items.
Product Descriptions that Whet the Appetite
Two very well-known companies are selling Habitant Pea Soup on the web: Amazon and The Vermont Country Store. Let’s take a look at the efforts they’ve put into making you hungry enough to buy this soup, right now!
Amazon’s Description:
This Canadian favorite is one of the few Yellow Pea Soups on the market. Smooth, rich taste, ready to serve. Stock up today!
* This Canadian favorite is one of the few Yellow Pea soups on the market
* Smooth, rich taste, ready to serve
* Stock up today!
* 12/14 oz cans
The Vermont Country Store’s Description:
Habitant French-Canadian Pea Soup, Rib-Sticking Satisfaction
There is nothing like a steaming bowl of Habitant home-style pea soup to warm both body and soul.
A traditional French-Canadian dish, this hearty fare consists of a flavorful mix of cooked split
yellow peas and spices that’s been a long-standing staple in lumber camps throughout Quebec. And if this soup can quell the voracious appetite of lumberjacks, it will surely leave you and your family more than satisfied. Just heat and serve. 14 oz. can.
* Authentic French-Canadian soup
* Rib-sticking mix of yellow peas and spices
* Ready to serve
This hearty home-style French-Canadian pea soup will not only satisfy your appetite,
but also keep you warm from the inside out.
And the winner is…
The Vermont Country Store! Let’s take a look at what it is about their product description that makes it superior.
1) Adjectives
Compare Amazon’s smooth, rich to VCS’s rib-sticking, hearty, steaming, flavorful. Amazon’s choices might be okay for a different product, but these adjectives sound weak when compared to the big, burly, rounded description VCS is providing us.
2)Emotional Imagery
Bearing in mind that I’m a U.S. customer, not a Canadian, The Vermont Country Store has done a fantastic job here of conjuring up my romantic idea of French-Canadian lumberjacks in their frosty lumber camps, brewing up a steaming kettle of this rib-sticking soup.
“Boy,” I say to myself. “Those were big, strong guys. Just think of them up in that wild country in the old days, keeping themselves alive of an icy night by gobbling up this hearty soup!”
The Vermont Country Store also makes sure to tell me that this soup isn’t just for lumberjacks in Quebec. It’s going to warm my body and soul, too! Just think of how good that will be on a cold autumn night! Are you hungry yet?
By contrast, Amazon’s only stab at creating an emotional context for this soup is that it’s a Canadian favorite. My reaction is,
“Well, good for Canada. But who cares?”
I’m left ambivalent and certainly don’t feel the need to immediately plunk down my money to get myself some of this tasty soup.
What can you learn from this?
You’ve got to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Pretend you don’t own your food-related website and really think hard about the words that would make a product become irresistible to you. What adjectives truly describe the sterling qualities of your product? Pick 2 or 3 of the best ones. Then, strive to work in a background or setting that will have an emotional meaning to your audience.
We’ve seen what The Vermont Country Store did with those rough-living lumberjacks. What could you do with a maple sugar camp, the pioneer spirit, cowboys crooning, the old-time candy counter, the nerdy 50’s soda jerk, the taffy pull, the quilting bee, or Grandma’s kitchen? Thousands of people, places and moments in time perform the magic of conjuring up images that create an emotional response in the customer. Start adding to this list with smart ideas and symbols of your own. The two examples we’ve looked at make it pretty plain that VCS’s copywriter speaks the language of our emotions with far greater fluency than the writer working for Amazon.
Going One Better
The Vermont Country store is making the extra effort to provide further product specifications and a list of ingredients on their page for this soup. Amazon hasn’t even tried and they are making the lazy error of not answering the very basic questions customers will ask. All food items should certainly list ingredients for today’s label-reading consumers.
However, both of these stores could be doing a better job if they chose to invest the money or time in so doing. These pages would be greatly improved with:
Customer Testimonials
Serving Suggestions
Recipes Incorporating the Soup
A History of the Habitant Pea Soup Company
All of this additional information could appear below the fold of the page so as not to interfere with the selling action, and the additional copy would certainly bulk up the page’s importance in the eyes of the search engines. The cost to the website owner would be a few minutes more of his or her time, or a few dollars more for their professional copywriter. The result would be an authoritative, information-packed page with a very good chance of outranking weaker competitors.
Take advantage of the fact that your competitors may be among the many website owners who are simply too lazy to write compelling product descriptions. Learn the art of making customers hungry with the written word and watch them open their wallets.
No knack for words? Let us write for you! Solas Web Design provides complete professional web copywriting services.