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Why does your website deserve to be #1?

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
I’ve been doing so much good reading this week, and of all the posts I’ve seen, this is the one I want most to share with small business owners. Stoney deGeyter’s Destination Marketing article deserves reading from headline to conclusion.
In it, he puts forth 7 building blocks that need to be part of the integral structure of a website that truly deserves not only top rankings, but top levels of trust. Stoney’s 7 are: Expert information, Usability, Website design, Unique selling proposition (USP), Time and presence, Voice, Trust and credibility.
The maturation of the Internet and of SEO is ushering in an age where it is trust that counts most, both from the human and search engine visitors to your website. This is a vital point for every small web business owner to take into consideration, and I think you’ll get some good ideas from the above article.
Trust can come from something as small and simple as having your address and phone number prominently featured on all of the pages of your site, or from something as complex as the sum of reviews out there about your company from past customers/clients. Trust can come from offering a liberal return policy, or from the promptness with which you return emails asking questions about your business. Every page of your website represents a chance to send a signal to humans and searchbots that you are a serious, ethical business owner with something of genuine value to offer, and learning the art of how to convey this important fact via the medium of the web has got to be your job!