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What I'll need to know as your small business web designer.

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

Are you ready to hire a web designer to build your small business website?

If so, you’re likely shopping around. Perhaps a friend or associate has given you the name of a contractor or web design firm they’ve worked with. Or, you may be searching the web for a designer in your local area. Or, perhaps you’re performing searches such as:
affordable web design
small business web design
hire a web designer, etc.

If you find our website, you’ll see that we’ve provided a very simple form to get a quote for your website project. While you’re always welcome to send us an email to tell us about your business, the fields on this form help us to form a broad picture of what your small business is all about.

We’re currently averaging between 10-15 form submissions a week, and it’s interesting what a wide range of detail different people provide. Some folks have lots to tell us about their hopes and plans for their web presence, whereas others don’t even fill out the space we provide for this. We certainly prefer as much detail as possible, and one aspect of the form that really is crucial for us when dealing with an e-commerce business is how many products the owner intends to begin vending with. We can’t even begin to formulate a quote when we don’t know whether the company wants to sell 10 or 1000 products. Some very different workloads would be involved!

Whether you’re considering contacting Solas Web Design, or any other designer to develop your website, try to be as clear as you can about:

1) What your business is about
This covers whether you are a landscaper needing a simple showcase, or an artisan who makes handmade garden benches. Include what is special and unique about your service or products. In today’s Internet, specialization is a small web business’ best plan for success.

2) Who you want to know about you
Is your market your local service area, women who knit, Montessori teachers, clergy, interior decorators? I need to know who you want to reach in order to focus your website toward the appropriate audience.

3) What your goals are
Striking it rich isn’t really a goal, and though we’ve only heard this a couple of times from prospective clients, it’s pretty common that new businesses aren’t very clear on what results they want to see from their investment and efforts. We specialize in getting high search engine rankings for small businesses. Not because we’ve got some kind of special ‘in’ with the search engines, but because we only work with businesses that are valuable and trustworthy. This is what the search engines want, and if you’ve got a great niche product or an important local service, we may just be your best bet for bringing your business into the public eye. But rankings are not sales, and more goes into winning profits than simply ranking at the top. Think about what your goals truly are for your business. Will it need to be your family’s sole means of support, or more of a supplementary income? I need to know this to understand what your expectations are.

What is the goal of my business?
The key goal of my web design company is client education. My husband and I believe that knowing how search engines work is what makes or breaks a web business. Our own study of this subject is never-ending, and we pass on everything we learn to our clients. Understanding how search engine spiders and humans get into your website will be as important for you as knowing how to unlock the front door is to a brick and mortar business owner. Any web design company you hire should have the key, and be eager to put it in your hands.

Communication between us will be so important on both sides, and we’re looking forward to finding out what’s truly special about your business!