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What can you do to save the Point Reyes Deer? – A chat with Dr. Elliot Katz of IDA

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

I have just had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Elliot M. Katz, DVM, who is the president and founder of In Defense of Animals, a San Rafael, California-based non profit organization that has been dedicated to protecting wild and domestic animals for over twenty years. Dr. Katz began working closely with animals as a veterinarian in New York, and went on to expand his personal stewardship of animals by founding this well-respected organization that now works on a global level to protect the safety and lives of animals.

I contacted Dr. Katz to tell him about this category of our blog, and to let him know that anyone interested in saving the fallow and axis deer of the Point Reyes National Seashore is welcome to come here and comment, brainstorm or ask questions. We had a good conversation and I found him to be a truly sincere and dedicated individual, eager to let me know how things currently stand. He informed me that the shooting of the deer may begin as early as this coming month (October) unless a lawsuit can be brought against the National Parks Service to halt their plans. He was hoping to speak with a lawyer today, and when I asked him if there was anything his organization needed, he understandably replied that they need funding for the lawsuit.

If you love animals, and are in the fortunate financial position to be a benefactor, I can think of no better organization to support than IDA. If you want to be able to glimpse the beautiful white and multi-colored deer the next time you visit Point Reyes, please, consider contacting IDA or the Marin Humane Society, both of which are trying to raise funding to hire lawyers to challenge the National Parks Service’s plan to exterminate the deer.

It’s important to add the IDA was successful in halting the National Parks Service’s plans to exterminate the majestic Tule Elk of Point Reyes several years ago. The IDA purchased equipment for the park service to implement birth control plans amongst the elk. It is so important that similar action be taken here, rather than the NPS’s repeated solution of ‘solving’ their concerns by killing. There are many other and better options that need to be explored, and a lawsuit can buy the time needed for this exploration. But we are now down to a couple of weeks’ time left before the park begins shooting the deer.

If you do not have the means to make a contribution, I invite you to simply comment here, making it known that you do not support the extermination of the fallow and axis deer. This blog category has been created for public use, and you are welcome to express your thoughts. Thank you for your kind consideration.