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We've Been Nominated For The SEMMYs!

2008 SEMMY Nominee
Exciting News from inside the SEOigloo Blog!
Our friend, Matt McGee of Small Business SEM has just launched a wonderful new group of awards for the SEO/SEM industry, The SEMMYs. The goal of these awards is to honor the very best blog posts that have been written during the past year in 15 industry categories.
I am just thrilled to discover that 4 of my articles from the SEOigloo blog have been nominated in 3 different categories:
Category: Local Search
Article: Google Reviews Review
Category: Small Business
Articles: Small Businesses Skip Page Rank Rollercoaster Ride
Thinking of Leaving eBay and Getting a Professional Website? Look Before You Leap!
Category: Online Marketing/General
Article: Seeing with Web Designer Eyes – 9 Evident Errors
The articles of 127 different bloggers have been nominated and the public is welcome to vote on the articles they like best. This data will then be used to narrow each category down to a few finalists’ posts and, in the end, a winning post in each category.
I’ll be delighted if any of my readers take the time to vote for one of my articles, but better still, I hope you will take advantage of the astounding library of extremely illuminating posts Matt has aggregated. Every category includes must-read information, in my opinion, and I am so happy to see the work of so many of my friends and colleagues being honored in the SEMMYs.
Every morning, after answering priority emails in my inbox, I turn to my feedreader, eager to visit the blogs of all of my favorite authors and discover what they are writing about that day. For so many of us in the SEO/SEM industry, this communication with our peers is one of the key strong pillars of our professional education, and I have learned so much from so many of the SEMMY nominees. Congratulations and good luck to each and every one of you. It’s an honor to be in your company.
Update from Matt: Public Voting Will Be Open As Of the Week Of Jan 21-25