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Western Union Dealing In Baked Goods Now?

Western Union As Local Data Provider

Well, now I knew Western Union sends money around the world, but what do you think of them being a local source for Mexican baked goods?
Martijn Beijk and I are collaborating on a project (soon to be published here on the SEOigloo Blog) and while doing research for this, I came across the above results. I had never seen Western Union as a data source before, and unlike instances in which something like a specific Yelp URL is being cited as home base for a business that doesn’t have a website, the links in the 10-pack go right to the Western Union homepage. There are, needless to say, no mentions of bakeries on that page.
I’m not seeing this as a very meaningful addition to the usefulness of the user experience with the 10-pack. I’d be interested to know:
1) If you’ve come across Western Union as a data source for Google Maps before, and if so, where these citations are actually coming from.
2) If you think the inclusion of URLs in the 10-pack layout improves the user experience, and if so, how.
Cre8asite Forums’ Mod, Donna Swain, has just sent me this Panaderia-related screenshot from this Google Maps search:
Local Bakery

Look at the food inspections of this bakery acting as citations for this business! Has Donna discovered a reason, at last, for food service workers to cheer when the health inspector comes calling?
The plus side here is what I am assuming Google considers a very authoritative citation of this business from the Environmental Health Division.
The not-so-plus side is the fact that…well…this is a health inspection being given all the prominence of a shiny user review. The business in question had 2 (albeit minor) violations. We may just have entered a new era in reputation management. Thanks for the tip, Donna, and I’m interested in hearing any and all thoughts on the various topics in this post!