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Web Copywriting now available from Solas Web Design

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
I’m excited to announce that our firm has just added a new feature to the list of services we provide. After years of writing web copy/content for our clients as ‘just part of what we do’, we’ve decided to make it official by including this as a unique service that small business owners can hire us for on a project-by-project basis.
The Details
We now offer 300-500 word articles at $50 per article
We can write longer articles if requested
We have a minimum order of 3 articles
If you need more than 50 articles, let’s talk about a discount!

How Good Are We At This?
The English language and the written word are our home turf. Chances are, you’ve run into folks like our small pool of web content writers throughout your life. We were the little kid who was reading ‘chapter books’ before we started kindergarten. We were the nerdy kid in your junior high who spent recess in the library writing their first ‘novel’ to turn in for English class when all the teacher had asked for was a 300 word essay. We were the English major in college who hung out with the professors instead of the students. Language has always been a big part of our personal identities, and we’ve gone on to use these skills in the work world as adults.
A sampling of our web copywriting team’s achievements include:
Writing hundreds of articles for the large web content provider, Wisegeek
Providing teaching materials for ESL classes for business professionals
Publication in off-line magazines and books
Writing thousands of unique pieces of web content for clients over the years
We’re SEOs, so we know how to write search-engine-friendly reading materials
Why do small web business owners need excellent web content?
As our clients can attest, we are constantly stressing the need to make every page of their website a valuable page, in terms of the amount of written text it contains. Search engines are always looking for the best, most informative pages to bring up for user queries. By providing well-written reading materials that focus on all of the terms that relate to your business, you improve your chances of search engines bringing up your pages as the answer to a user’s question. Every page on your website is your chance to rank well for a keyword phrase that is important to your business.
Because of this fact, smart website owners populate their websites with unique, informative articles based upon what their target audience is searching for. But, as we’ve learned from our years of designing websites for our clients, being a great business owner doesn’t always mean you love writing about your business. You are right to be concerned about the quality of the writing on your website; it reflects heavily on the professionalism of your company. In order to present their business in a truly polished, clean manner, more and more business owners are now turning to professional web copywriters who can provide web content that shines!
What is SEO-based web content?
This basically means writing on-topic about a subject that relates to your business and has the potential to bring in visitors. For example, if you run a jewelry company, an SEO-based article you might like to have on your website could be entitled How to Judge Gem Quality. The article would then provide useful tips about valuing gemstones and would be written in a natural, organic manner.
SEO-based web content does NOT read like this.
Gemstones are good. I like Gemstones. Gemstones that are green are called emerald Gemstones. Gemstones with flaws are not as valuable as Gemstones without flaws. When looking to buy Gemstones, the Gemstones you look at should be Gemstones that have Gemstone Certificates from someone who sells Gemstones.
People often mistakenly think that stuffing their web content full of keywords in a repetitive manner is the way to shoot for good rankings. The truth is just the opposite. Though you do want to mention your keywords in the title and main text of your articles, doing this in a natural, spoken-word style is the way to go and presents your company as a valuable resource rather than a silly spammer.
You tell us what important keyword phrases the articles you order need to focus on, and we’ll accomplish this in a way that is friendly to both humans and search engines!
Don’t know what topics you should be focusing on with your web content? Drop us a note and we can help you brainstorm.
Learn More about This New Service from Solas Web Design
Get the complete details about our Web Copywriting Service here. We are eager to put our skills at the disposal of your business to help you continue to widen your audience and win customers. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have and to get writing for you!