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Traditional Medicinals – Web Business Review

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

Yet again, I will make use of this portion of our blog to review a company I really like – Traditional Medicinals. This small Sebastopol, CA.-based company makes some of the best organic herbal teas you’ll ever drink. In this day and age, when western medicine MDs seem addicted to handing out factory-produced chemicals as though they were candy, it’s a huge relief to find a reliable source for gentle herbal remedies for every day aches and pains.

What does this website offer the Internet public?

My two favorite teas from Traditional Medicinals are their ginger tea, Ginger Aid, and their simple peppermint tea – both of which I’ve found to be very good aids for stomach troubles. The peppermint tea tastes the closest to freshly homemade of any mint tea I’ve come across. The company also offers a wide array of women’s teas, tonic teas, calming teas, pastilles and syrups. For thousands of years, people have depended upon herbs, roots and barks for comfort, pain relief, improved body function and gustatory enjoyment. I know of no other company that is continuing this tradition so admirably as Traditional Medicinals.

Other super things about them are that they care deeply about the environment, sustainable agriculture and are a fair trade business.

If I were the webmaster of this website…

It’s a nice-looking site. Calm, professional, nice graphics. Though Traditional Medicinals does offer e-commerce shopping, I’m not really sure how much they are depending on Internet sales. Their teas are available in stores everywhere that I live. However, if they were looking to improve their on-line sales, there are a couple of SEO no-no’s going on here that could be easily remedied. The big one is the javascript menu. Javascript is, of course, illegible to search engines, and we never like to see web businesses sacrificing the opportunity of offering an HTML text-only menu. Additionally, we’re not fans of dropdowns, because we feel that all clickable elements of a web page should be available without using a mouse to find them.

On the flip side, Traditional Medicinals is doing a good job of providing informative content to the visitors of their website. They speak at length about their business ethics, as well as describing the potential health benefits of their products. Well done.

How does Google like them?

‘herbal teas’ – not in Top 30
‘organic teas’ – not in Top 30
‘women’s tea’ – not in Top 30

This is one of those situations in which I’d love to see a website better optimized for search engine placement, because I would like more people to know about their superior products. Replacing the javascript, some work on title tags, header tags and some stellar new articles could mean the difference for Traditional Medicinals being ‘not in Top 30’ and being on page one of the Google SERPs for their super herbal teas. As I see it, they have almost limitless potential to be an authority source on the benefits of time-honoured and new-found herbal remedies, and because of my own personal feelings about how medicine is handled these days, I would be happy to see this company outranking less valuable resources.

At any rate, if you suffer from poor digestion, tension headaches, female troubles or are simply looking for a tasty organic tea, we give this company our vote and hope you will take a gander at their website.