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The Great Wall Of Google – A Short Essay On Communication

Contact Google Customer Service

Taken from the Google Maps Help Forum:

  • How can I contact Google for support with My Maps?
  • Is there an e-mail or phone number for google help to get this problem resolved?
  • How in the world can one get in touch with google
  • How can I contact google to correct an error with its local business results from a search?
  • I am trying to somehow get in contact with google becasue i messed up on google maps!!!
  • Happened to me too, lost 900 locations nationwide with no word from google as to what has happened, our business is bleeding out right now…
  • How do I contact google support by mail?
  • There has to be some way to contact Google to request that they fix incorrectly merged listings
  • Street vew shows my car number plate, how do I contact google to get it obscured?
  • We need this number off the site, but Google refuses any person contact.
  • Anyone had any luck in getting a contact at Google to actually work with business’s?
  • It seems that no one can solve this problem, and I cannot find any way to contact Google, whether by email, telephone or post.
  • I’ve searched through all the Help information in Google Maps, but can’t find anything. Google doesn’t seem to offer anyway to contact them with a question.
  • Is there anyway to contact Google and get this fixed?
  • Can anyone tell me how to contact Google about their incorrect association between my organization and the hospital…
  • Google keeps reposting a defunct Domino’s Pizza with OUR telephone …by mistake. We have tried everything. Seems like there is no way to contact google over the phone.
  • Just need to know who to contact directly to report the error
  • You cannot contact Google because all you get is oh, I am sorry, we do not offer phone support and then you get hung up on?
  • Please help, who should I contact?
  • Google needs a customer support line!
  • Does anyone have a link or even a telephone number to contact Google directly?
  • Any idea on how to contact Google about this since TeleAtlas has it listed correctly?
  • Can we contact Google for this issue?
  • I need to contact Google about this and so far I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to contact Google.
  • I have sent postcards requested calls and there is NOTHING i can do and no one I can contact to get google maps cleaned up
  • Any way to contact Google maps?
  • I can find no support through Google in re to this
  • I need help directly from Google but there is not way to directly contact Customer Service!
  • How can I get in touch with someone to get this straightened out?
  • Is there any way to contact Google by phone?
  • I have tried and tried to contact Google about this but to no avail. Please help me anyone from Google.
  • There really needs to be a method for us to contact Google to resolve these kinds of issues
  • I don’t know how to contact google
  • Considering Google Maps is very important to buiness these days you would expect there to be more support for it.
  • I need to speak to someone at Google
  • Google has no phone support for Maps
  • It’s disgraceful that I can’t contact Google for something which must be a technical error on their behalf.
  • It would be incredibly helpful to be able to talk to someone or at least correspond online with someone
  • Google doesn’t have phone customer service
  • There are no “humans” to speak to in the Google maps
  • WHY THE H**L would I want to sign a contract with an ad company that has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE?
  • I have wasted hours on this and just wanted to be able to email Google for help
  • I am at my wits end and there appears to be no way to speak to anyone at Google.
  • I can’t seem to find a way to speak to anyone at Google about a competitor’s review on my site!
  • You can’t get in touch with them either by phone or e-mail
  • Who do we contact at Google to discuss this issue?
  • You really need to improve you customer service
  • Google really likes to keep their Customer Service phone number on lock
  • If my business’ customer service was anything like Google’s, we’d have been out of business long ago!
  • I feel for you man, Google is one big joke, and from what I’ve been reading online about their “customer service”
  • If anybody finds ANY route to contact somebody at Google to fix this – please post the info – be it phone number, email address or postal address
  • I cannot get in touch with anyone at GOOGLE
  • Worst of all is that there is NO Customer Service!
  • These help forums are Google’s flimsy excuse for customer support
  • We also tried everything to contact Google and inform them of the theft of our original listing
  • And how can i contact Google to remove this URL from a listing?
  • How do I remove, or at least contact google to remove, 2 or 3 listings where people have added themselves using our trademarked name?
  • What should be my next step to contact google and have the offending label removed from the map?
  • It’s imposible to remove my listing and there no phone number or form to contact staff at google maps. I cant even pm some one.
  • Is there any way to contact Google by phone?
  • It would be nice to have some customer support!
  • Your customer service is awful
  • Google needs to either provide a customer service phone number
  • How can I contact google to correct an error with its local business results from a search?
  • How can I contact someone at Google?
  • There is no number to call, there is no email address to use. You just have to live with it…

China started building its Great Wall in the 5th century to keep out its enemies. In the 21st century, the unwelcome party being kept out by the great wall Google has built around their company is you, the local business owner.
Withholding contact information is a mechanism of defense and Google’s strategy effectively protects the company from any type of contact with the teeming hordes of business owners whose data they have co-opted.
Like the small sampling of bewildered, frustrated and angry people, above, I am left wondering why Google builds applications for the use of local business owners – indeed, that end up ruling the lives of local business owners – and then hides from these people. Why build products for the world if you don’t want any involvement with its people? I’ve worked with many local business owners. They’re not all that scary.
Google’s refusal to support their own products and the users who use them is building up a second imposing structure – The Great Wall Of Thwarted Local Business Owners.
If you read even a portion of the above excerpts, you will quickly surmise that all of these people are under the impression that, somewhere, Google must have customer service connected with Maps and the Local Business Center. Somewhere there must be a phone number, an email address, a form to fill out to contact the company that has indexed all local business information, meting out favor and failure to businesses across the nation with an unseen hand.
The business owners who somehow manage to discover the help forum are unified in the belief that Google must or should be accessible. After all, these men and women wouldn’t think of running their own companies without some type of support for the people they depend on for business. But Google does not agree and they continue to defend their company with the wall of silence, the oft-spoken black box, the absence of contact.
How will this tale end? If each unmet plea for contact were equal to a brick, the mounting wall of user discontent is already growing high. New bricks are hitting the mortar every day. While Google maintains its silence.