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The Basics Of Reporting Google Maps Problems

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I wanted to point the way to my most recent Search Engine Guide post: How to Report A Google Maps Problem. I wanted to cover the basics of doing this, and used an on-going problem I’ve been cognizant of for several years with user intent and categorization. If you’re looking for something Local-ish to read, please, head on over there.
This week in Local, tons of nice folks have convened in Cleveland, Ohio for the 3rd event in the Local Search University conference series. Looks like the Local guys and gals are heading to Denver in September…that sounds rather poetic. Bottom line: if you own a locally-focused business and the Local U is coming to you, definitely try to attend. The opportunity to learn from some of the brightest minds in Local Search will be yours, for the benefit of your business.
At Solas Web Design, we’ve managed a day off this week. Whoa! That doesn’t happen all the time, but we’re just finishing up several projects and have a moment for a little deep breathing before we forge ahead into July’s busy schedule. We took a short hike in the redwoods yesterday afternoon and fed organic raspberries to appreciative chipmunks. It doesn’t get any less like trying to delete multiple Google listings for a client than that, does it? Variety is the spice of life. I’m looking forward to the next projects on our drawing board, and we still have openings for a few cool new clients. Got something interesting going on, perhaps with a Local SEO component? We’d love to hear from you?