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Tangergreen.com Will Participate in Blog Action Day

Join Blog Action Day
Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
This is just a quick heads up to announce that our Green Living Blog Tangergreen.com will be participating in the upcoming Blog Action Day. I’d love it if you would accept this post as my invitation to join in this really cool event!
What is Blog Action Day?
On October 15th, 2007, thousands of bloggers will be participating in Blog Action Day by blogging about the environment. It’s a very simple idea, but one I absolutely love and 2,785 bloggers have already signed up at the time of publishing this.
What is TangerGreen.com?
You may have noticed…it’s probably leaked through in a few posts around the SEOigloo here…I confess, I am a woman who is seriously into environmentalism. I love our planet and really hurt badly when its human inhabitants make foolish decision that lead to harming the natural environment we all depend upon for life. Rather than coming here to our Small Business SEO blog every day to ask you to grow your own food or stop using Roundup (which is great advice but won’t boost your rankings!), my husband and I have created a green living blog at Tangergreen.com so that we have an outlet to share our thoughts on protecting our planet and all of its beings. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, you might like to check us out over there. It’s a new project, and a perfect place for us to participate in Blog Action Day.
What Can You Do?
If you have a blog, you can register at Blog Action Day’s website. It’s quite simple to do. Even if the subject of your blog is not normally the environment, October 15th can still be your day to speak up. You might share a green housekeeping tip, offer a natural food recipe or explain how you switched your entire house over to solar power! The point is, for just one blessed day, the blogosphere will be populated with posts that may inspire readers to make some simple changes in their lives that will improve our world’s heath. Please, if you decide to participate, leave a comment here so that I can check out your blog on Blog Action Day. It’s a great idea!