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Solas Web Design Launches CopyLocal.com

It’s been eight years since Solas Web Design put down our first roots on the web, and now, like a healthy tree, we’re branching out. This week, we’ve launched our own subsidiary company CopyLocal.com. We will continue to offer the SEO-based website design, Local SEO and Copywriting Services here at Solas Web Design for which you’ve been coming to us for nearly a decade, rest assured! CopyLocal.com is simply our new, additional space on the web to give niche focus to the copywriting needs of local business owners – an area of service that just keeps growing and growing!
I’ve been passionately involved in the Local SEO industry for quite some time now, and I have watched with interest as my various colleagues have shown tremendous aptitude for specific areas of this work. One is a great analyst, another loves tough Google Places problems, another is highly focused on the tie-ins of Local and Social and yet another monitors deals and acquisitions on a corporate level. Through my own work with clients, I believe I have identified my own greatest strengths: creating excellent copy for local business owners.
We do best that which we love best, and I sincerely enjoy learning about the communities in which local business owners operate and how hard they work to serve their customers well. I relish taking notes and getting all of the services and benefits organized. I take pleasure in bringing all of the elements into play, crafting copy that is true to the owner’s voice and true to the customers’ needs. I walk my talk, too, thinking globally and acting locally. I go out of my way to see if I can find goods and services in the towns nearest me. Bringing commerce down to a neighbor-to-neighbor level builds friendly, financially solvent communities with a genuine sense of accountability for quality and a vested interest in exceptional customer service. That’s the type of business I want to patronize and the type of business I want to patronize CopyLocal.com. Success is my goal for ever local business client, and I consider it an honor to be part of building strong local business communities throughout North America.
CopyLocal.com is also my first official attempt at offering an outsourcing service directly to SEMs. To be honest, all of the good folks I know in the industry turn to one another for help with specific tasks for their clients and we’ve been fortunate to refer clients to sage colleagues and to have them refer theirs to us. In addition to our basic Local Content Creation Service, we’ve created our Frazzled SEM Service in response to our observation that delays in receiving content from your own clients can bring your projects to a grinding halt. If you’ve noticed this phenomenon of procrastination is one of the weakest parts of your client process, check this service out. It could really simplify things for your whole team.
Finally, my Local SEO colleagues will have noted that Mike Blumenthal has been busy reporting on what a hot time in the old town Local is experiencing with negative and fake reviews. At CopyLocal.com, we’ve created our Negative Review Responder Service which will help business owners respond with professionalism to complaints, criticisms and attacks. If Miss Manners was a Local SEO, this is where I believe she’d be focusing her energies, bringing good etiquette and well-chosen words to the world of user reviews.
We hope you’ll check out CopyLocal.com, and if you know business owners in your own home town who are struggling over what types of content to publish on their websites, we’d love it if you’d remember us. In the meantime, we’d like to treat you to a hearty chuckle over our Funny Reviews collection, complete with illustrations, sure to bring a smile to your week.
Thanks to everyone who has offered advice and support towards the launch of CopyLocal.com. It’s good to be growing!