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Small Positive Businesses We Want To Work With In The 2009 Economy

Happy New Year, Everyone! I’m going to make Happy the operative word in this post because I think everyone has had their fill of doom and gloom regarding the present U.S. economy. While I recognize the problems afoot in our great land, I also recognize the opportunities for the smart and positive small business owner, and these are the clients we want to work with 2009. If you’re running a business that fits any of the following criteria, I want to hear from you:
Getting Real
Luxury items are on their way out for many families on a budget. Families are deciding that they don’t really need a bigger TV, a newer car, this year’s cooler computer, but they still need the basics of life and will be obliged to budget for them. If your company is offering true basic living needs like essential household items, nutritious foods, vegetable seeds, well water equipment, or can’t-do-without clothing items, people still need what you’ve got to offer.
Going Domestic
Americans are starting to see the big picture of where outsourcing manufacture and labor to other countries has taken us. If your business is qualified to feature a Made-in-The-USA label, you have a unique selling proposition to make to the buying public. Purchasing your products or services supports the domestic economy in which your customers live and anyone who wants to see the economy improve can make the choice to support companies that create jobs for Americans.
Going Local
Friends and colleagues from across the country tell me about the closing of small businesses in their shopping districts. I see the empty buildings here, too. Consumers who don’t want to see their small towns turn into ghost towns can make the choice to do business locally, supporting their local economies. If you are running a small business that offers a local alternative to big box stores, you have an opportunity to promote the local aspect of your business in a way that shows your neighbors that supporting you means keeping your town and its unique, local character alive.
Going Green
Just as Americans are looking with a weather eye at our economy, they are also looking at the burdens our energy and agricultural practices are putting on our health, our budget and our land. If yours is the business that will get your town off the grid, get pesticide junkies onto the organic wagon or get homeowners planting grass on their roofs, the current climate of our country may just be attuned to finally hear your green message and the Internet is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.
Getting Spiritual
For so many Americans, strength in hard times comes from looking deeper into the self for the power of spiritual well-being. If you have spiritual goods or gifts to share, your offerings will be essential to many people who are looking for new-found faith in themselves and their deepest beliefs about the sacred nature of life. Whether your goals are non-profit or for-profit, if your business or organization is offering spiritual support of some kind, this is a good time to reach out to people you can help.
Over the years, we’ve worked with all kinds of small businesses. The longer we serve small business owners, the more apparent to me my unique skills and professional interests have become. I really listen closely when I talk to small business owners, and I tend to get drawn into their world when I truly admire what they do. Any small business owner who is offering essential, domestic, local, green or spiritual benefits to Americans is guaranteed of my fullest attention when they contact me. The truth is, I can’t help getting excited when I jump aboard a project that I know will be good for our people and our planet. I can’t think of a better way to use my skills as a web designer, SEO, local search consultant and professional copywriter.
If 2009 is the year you want to see your beneficial business succeed on the web, I’d be very happy to hear from you.