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Small Business Website Redesign, Before And After

Some clients are a pleasure to work with from day one. They are focused, professional, cordial and eager to make the most of the expertise a consultant can provide. They are committed to learning new things as they set about creating a web-based business and they want to understand how to make the most of the opportunities the Internet provides.
This certainly describes our new clients, Jim and Rebecca van Vegten, who had made a decision to pursue their dream of running a family-based business in order to improve the overall quality of their family life. Jim has worked for years as a contractor, and when he turned his hands to crafting smaller wood products for the home, his skill was quickly apparent. The couple determined they would begin offering Jim’s handmade home decor items and created their business: Gathering Wood.
The van Vegten’s made an initial investment in having a website built for their new business, but after awhile, they began to read about SEO and to wonder if their site was really the best it could be. This is when they came to us and placed an order for the website review service we provide called THE LONG EMAIL. We reviewed GatheringWood.com’s on-page optimization, design, user-friendliness and website copy and created a long to-do list for them for the improvement of their website. This is how Gathering Wood’s website looked when we first saw it:

GatheringWood.com before

After receiving our report, the van Vegtens concluded that they would like to bring us on to accomplish all the tasks we had outlined for them and we were delighted to get under contract with such a fine family business.
Our Goals
1. The website needed on-page SEO from title tags to headers, from meta descriptions to alt tags. After performing keyword research, we were able to hit upon some useful and relevant terms for Gathering Wood’s products and services.
2. We needed to take the copy from its minimal state to a richer, more customer-oriented, sales-focused level. In addition to expanding and polishing the copy on the static pages of the site, we created a blog so that the van Vegten’s can continue to expand the information they are providing. They can write about their company news, give woodworking tips and demos, maybe even make videos of Jim handcrafting his beautiful wooden home decor items.
3. Speaking of beautiful, the quality of Gathering Wood’s handcrafted serving trays and inspirational wall art definitely deserved a visual design that would reflect the elegance and professionalism of the company’s offerings. We carefully chose a color palette that would let the tones of their wooden gifts really glow. We even went outside and gathered up some golden fall leaves to add a memorable note to the design. And, of course, all of the structural basics like a really useful menu, good site footer, sitemap, etc, needed to be created to make browsing the site as easy as possible for visitors.
Gathering Wood Now!
GatheringWood.com's new website

The van Vegten’s are very excited about their appealing new website design, and we are very satisfied with the outcome of this enjoyable project.
On the horizon, the family can continue to add new products to their website as Jim & Rebecca dream them up, and when the business makes a projected move to a new location, we’ll be hoping to optimize the site for Local Search.
I must say, we get a real thrill any time we get to participate in a project that provides Made-In-The-USA product options to the shopping public. The heirloom quality of the van Vegten’s wood home decor pieces provides visitors with a chance to acquire pieces of real value for the home, while at the same time supporting the domestic economy. That’s a win-win situation, in our book, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with this great small business in future as the continue to grow, learn and pursue their family dream.