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SEO Dream Team Meme

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
I’ve been tagged by Donna in this latest meme in which I get to formulate the SEO team of my dreams…just for fun! Thanks, Donna, and guess who I’m going to pick first to have on my team? YOU!!! We’re just getting acquainted, but I love your upbeat style and incredible business smarts.
Next, I’ll pick Matt McGee of Small Business SEM. Matt’s tremendous experience working with small businesses means that he comes from humble origins that have taught him a ton about how the web looks to ‘normal’ people. I think that’s really important!
I realize this will sound like an echo, but like so many other people involved in this meme, I have to have Bill Slawski on my team. I don’t know anyone who infuse fire into the concept of reaching out to local communities the way Bill can. He has written posts that have made me want to go out and catalogue my entire town, or sit down to create the world’s greatest resource for jazz fans, or spend a year walking around a city asking people all the ways they might search for a pizza in New York. And..then..of course, there is the patent thing. We’d all be lost without Bill in this regard, and that’s a fact.
I would really like to have Mike Blumenthal and Dave (Earl Pearl, whom I don’t have a link for, sorry Dave…isn’t there anyplace I can link to?) for the very best advice I could find on just about any local/geo research I was doing. Getting more important every day, isn’t it, fellows?
This year, I got to take a Usability course from Kim and she is definitely the pro you want for all Usability needs. I think I’d have great fun learning even more from her about heuristics, eye tracking and psychology if she were on my team.
Rand McCarley is one of the first people I got to know in the world of Search, when I crawled out from under my little box and realized that there was a whole industry full of people to talk to out there. Rand has been of unfailing help to me, time and again, and was the first to teach me what a giving and generous industry this is, so I can’t have a dream team without him.
It was only recently that I first spoke with David Mihm but he already seems like an old friend, and I want his enthusiasm and energy to liven up my team. David – I’m tagging you for this meme…you’re it!
I could go on and on here, but I’ll finish up with 2 quick remarks.
1) Of all the people in the world with whom I’d want to work, the very first person is my husband, Liam. It is Liam who hands me the cup of tea and the telephone every single morning when I get up to ‘jump into the fray’ (otherwise known as making consulting calls). It is Liam who stops by my chair throughout the day with an encouraging word and the smile I love – these things keep me going strong as I attempt to be of the best help I can to all of our clients. And in his own office, he is working all day long, writing code, solving problems, checking stats. I couldn’t do any of this without him. He’s the backbone of our business and everything I could hope for in a dream SEO partner.
2) The funny thing this meme has made me realize is that nearly all of the people I’ve listed above are, in fact, a part of my team. I have had at least one extremely helpful and positive interaction with all of the people on my list. It may have been as simple as a discussion in a forum or an email exchange, or it may have been a two hour phone conversation where I was thrilled to be talking to the brilliant colleague on the other end of the line and could hardly stop speaking to them. The SEO/SEM industry’s policy of reaching out to people who ask questions is almost unparalleled in business circles, and the vast conversation that is going on via the many forms of communication we now have at our disposal has made it possible for almost any peer to become a part of your team, if only for the space of a blog post/comment exchange.
I think that’s pretty dreamy!