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Seeds Of Compassion

free tomato seed offer
Here’s some hopeful news we have to share and which may do a bit to restore your faith in humanity. Our highly valued clients of longstanding, Dan and Linda Busch of 2BSeeds.com, are doing something very real to help American families get through lean times. 2Bseeds is offering a packet of free tomato seeds to anyone who is unemployed or who is trying to plant a vegetable garden to help feed his or her family this year.
Everyone talks about the need to help others, but it’s beautiful to see a company come up with a small yet utterly meaningful way to actually do this! The Busch family’s great-grandparents did a similar act of kindness back in the years of Great Depression, giving away free tomatoes to hungry folks at the farmers’ market. The wonderful thing about this present day offer 2BSeeds is making is that these tomato seeds are an heirloom red tomato, meaning gardening families can save some of the seed for next year from this summer’s tomato crop, further increasing their future food security. It’s a little bit like the adage of giving a man a fish, or teaching a man to fish: the effects of this simple gift from this caring family could be very far reaching for their customers. We are really proud to know such good people.
Praise and thanks are already rolling into this Colorado-based seed company’s inboxes. Here’s a quote from one happy fellow:

I just wanted to stop for a minute and thank you for all that you have done for me.
I have always loved having a garden but the demands of work and other responsibilities consume so much time that there are limits to the time someone can spend in their garden. In August last year the company I worked for closed its doors for ever. So the foods that we got from our garden were more important than ever before. I normally have a limited fall garden – but with my time freed up – I decided to put in a large fall garden. That is when I first ordered from 2BSeeds. My order came promptly and I got to work…
Here in Eastern Tennessee March is when you start working the soil for your spring garden. I am still out of work so money is tight. I had to wait to order my seeds until we had a few extra dollars. When I went to 2BSeeds to place my order I saw that 2BSeeds had an offer to help out those out of work with some free tomatoes seeds and a 40% discount coupon. This was very exciting because of my limited budget. If I could get a 40% discount on my seed purchase I could get all of the seeds I needed – not just the few I could afford.
I emailed 2BSeeds at custserv@2bseeds.com to see if I qualified for the program. Linda wrote me back right away to let me know that I could use the discount program. I felt truly blessed. The discount allowed me to receive $90 worth of the best quality seeds for only $50!
There are a lot of people talking about helping their fellow man in today’s hard times. But 2BSeeds is ACTUALLY doing something about it. THANK YOU SO MUCH 2BSEEDS!!!
You have earned a loyal customer for life!
Jerry Henricks, Russellville, TN

You just don’t get emails like that every day unless you’re doing something very right. Solas Web Design congratulates 2BSeeds for this fine humanitarian effort and we want to share this here in case any of our clients are tearing up their lawns to put in veggies to feed their families this year. Stop by 2Bseeds.com and check out their free tomato seed offer today. Something to really smile about!