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Reporting A Closed Business To Google Places Update

I promised an update on the post I wrote on January 21, 2011 regarding reporting a closed business to Google Places via their report a problem link.
Approximately 1 month later (Feb 19 to be exact) I received the following response from Google via email:
Thanks again for sharing your local expertise with other Google users! We
have reviewed Bellwether because of your report.
If there is still anything wrong in our information about Bellwether on
Google Maps http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=4011163203453493749,
please consider updating it directly via the “edit” link, or reporting
another problem.
Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

If you click the link I’ve made live in the above message from Google, you will see that this rural gift shop’s Place Page now bears the message: This Place Is Permanently Closed.
I was glad to receive a timely response from Google – I think 4 weeks is really pretty good. However, the ‘permanently closed’ snippet doesn’t fully resolve the problem.
– I can still find this page if I search Google Maps for the business name and location.
– Because this listing still exists, what will happen when the NEW business that is moving into the old business’ location tries to create and claim a Place Page for that business? Will they be denied the ability to do this because the address is identical to that of a closed business? Will their data, if published, merge with that of the old gift shop so that phone numbers, reviews, citations or other data gets blended?
I’m not sure how all of this will pan out, and while it’s good that the ‘closed’ message will potentially keep travelers from going to this town to visit this out-of-the-way business, I am very curious about what will happen if the restaurant that plans to open in the building will run into problems.
Anyway, I wanted to keep my promise of reporting how long it took to get a response from Google about this, and for the record, it took about a month. Ah, the ins-and-outs of Local. They keep us on our toes.