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Rep. Lynn Woolsey Requests Halt to Fallow Deer Killings, Pt. Reyes, CA.

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For readers who have been coming to this blog for ongoing news of the plight of the Fallow and Axis Deer of the Point Reyes National Seashore in California, this is an exciting piece of breaking news.
U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey is backing the stance of the Friends of the White Deer and has written a letter to Point Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Don Neubacher requesting that he halt plans to exterminate the local Fallow and Axis Deer. I want to take this moment to personally thank Representative Woolsey for her efforts and for her offer to help the Point Reyes National Seashore develop a non-lethal plan for humane management of these dignified and valuable deer. U.S. Rep. Woolsey’s letter is major news for everyone who has volunteered their time for the cause of saving our local deer.

To date, pseudo-science and lack of actual data has been delivered to the public by the PRNS Park Service in an attempt to publicize the unproven concept that the Fallow and Axis deer are harming the vast Point Reyes, CA. seashore and the population of Black-tailed deer. There is absolutely no documented, accepted evidence to support this strange claim, but I want to present this photo to offer evidence that is quite contrary to the way humans may be viewing this issue, whether they are Park employees or simply local residents.
The photograph, shown right, was taken from photographer Trish Carney’s Flickr Photo Set. Carney has put together an amazing, and growing, body of visual documentation of the Fallow Deer in West Marin County. This particular photo proves to me that, whatever we humans may think about the interaction of animal species, the deer of the Point Reyes National Seashore live in their own world. This photo of a Black-tailed Deer doe nuzzling a Fallow Deer fawn sums up for me the obvious fact that relations between these two species are friendly, even loving, despite the hostile picture painted by Park officials.
It is human beings who would choose to bring violence into this gentle scene – not deer.
The Friends of the White Deer, Dr. Jane Goodall, In Defense of Animals, the Marin Humane Society and WildCare were all able to take a moment to celebrate when Rep. Woolsey’s letter was faxed from person to person, giving us the first real sign of hope we’ve had since this situation emerged years ago. I hope my readers will cheer with me. But then, it will be time to get back to work. The National Park Service has yet to be won over to our wishes and the responsibility is still on our shoulders to educate them in the basic principles of non-violence and respect for all living creatures.