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Reader's Compass – A New Book Review Blog!

book review blog, www.readerscompass.com
Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
We have just launched a hobby blog for my sister. What a fun project! Readerscompass.com offers book reviews and literary criticism of both classic and contemporary literature. My sister currently writes for WiseGeek, and her work has been published in several offline magazines and books, but her whole life is a story of avid writing and voracious reading.
My smart sister’s basic concept behind this blog is that literature enables us to travel, very inexpensively, not only to other places, but to other worlds in time. Books provide our time travel ticket and we don’t even need to leave our favorite armchair to go on these unforgettable journeys. Reader’s Compass will act as a guide to your trips to Europe in the Dark and Middle Ages, Regency and Victorian England, America during the Great Depression and a host of other literary destinations. We believe that this new blog will be a terrific resource for teachers, students and all passionate readers.
This project will be a real labor of love for my sister, and her chance to pay homage to the many books which have meant so much to her over the years. It was a pleasure for us to create this simple blog for her – my big sister was responsible for putting many of the books into my hands that would become my all-time favorites. Creating this WordPress Blog is my way of saying “thank you” to her for having acted as my personal literary guide for so many years.
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