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Rand McCarley is AWESOME!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Do you see what we see? The little social bookmarks at the bottom of this post? In fact, at the bottom of all the posts?
Thanks to Rand McCarley of 14th Colony, WE’VE GOT BOOKMARKS! Rand has generously mentored us about this nifty plugin which we got here, and which will allow you, the faithful reader, to bookmark any article you read here that you’d like to hang onto or share with your friends.
We’re so excited about this, we could cry.
And, this leads me to the subject of generosity. Over the past year, I have discovered that ours is an industry of generosity. The forums, blogs and sites we go to to read the writing of fellow SEOs/Marketers/Designers enable us to talk to our colleagues about what we all do for a living. I have found so many people within the web industries who have been incredibly generous with their wisdom and their time, and this has enriched my worklife incredibly. Rand McCarley is a person who has gone out of his way to talk to us, to share ideas with us, and to teach us. His enthusiasm, intelligence and, most of all, his generosity have basically made work and life better for us, and we write this post in sincere gratitude to him.
We’re still getting the hang of all the possibilities of blogging since launching the SEOigloo Blog in July of 2006. It’s undergone some major changes since we first set it up, and we have Rand to thank for that. In a few words, he has opened a whole handful of doors that seemed lock to us before. Rand – THANKS!
We’re going to keep on learning, and I think the most important thing we’ve learned so far is that nice folks help others. You can bet that we will continue this tradition of generosity by being helpful in return to anyone who should come to us with a question. And, I think that’s awfully nice.