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Rand McCarley demands honor in the world of sales.

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
This is just a heads up regarding Rand McCarley’s stellar post What’s Wrong with Sales?
The recap of his post is that while he is perfectly eager to promote sales of products people actually want, he parts company with fellows who want to ‘persuade’ people into buying things.

We applaud this position. If Liam & I looked at each other after signing a contract with a new client and said, “Gee, we convinced that guy that our bad service is really good,” I’d be so ashamed of our business! I can see how people in our industry would have every opportunity to convince lay persons that they need to purchase this or that service, because after all, our clients are not web developers or SEOs. By the same token, if I were in need of some tuneup work on our car, and the mechanic told me I needed a new transmission or my car would blow up, I’d likely believe him and find a way to pay for whatever he said I needed. I’m a babe in the woods when it comes to anything mechanical.

What a base thing it would be if the mechanic lied to me to line his pockets, or if we tried to ‘persuade’ potential clients into getting fancier Internet setups than they actually need. I would be totally averse to working for a client who told me we needed to offload junk on the public because he’d overstocked it. This is not the type of project we are interested in using our skills to promote. For us, the basic virtue of honor will never be out of style. We need to feel good about the work we spend such a large portion of our lives doing.

It’s a real breath of fresh air to hear Rand McCarley, whose expertise is in marketing, say that he’s dedicated to getting good products to people who are actually looking for them – not to convincing people that they need something they actually don’t. Hats off to you, Rand.