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ProHunt – Monstrous Killers, May 2007 update, Pt. Reyes Deer

Fallow and Axis Deer photo by Michael Maloney of the San Francisco Chronicle
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For my SEO/Small business readers, please continue on to my SEO category for articles on that subject. This article is intended for all readers who are continuing to look for information and answers regarding the upcoming extermination of the beautiful Fallow & Axis Deer of Point Reyes, California.
Zachary Slobig of the San Francisco Chronicle published an article this week entitled Easy Target in which he broke the news to the public that the National Park Service intends to hire ProHunt, a New Zealand-based company of mercenary animal exterminators.
I found the tone of Slobig’s article rather odd. Perhaps he is trying to be a good reporter by simply presenting the facts without adding his own opinion, but whatever the case may be, he certainly gave Prohunt the chance to speak at length about their company policies.
I am going to reprint here quotes from Norm MacDonald, chief executive of ProHunt regarding the deer:
Basically, every time you attempt to kill one, they have got to die. You’re not trying to educate them. You’re trying to kill them.
My guys are like machines out there. If you’ve got one unwanted animal in 1,000 acres, they’ll track it down.
All you need is one surviving pregnant doe and you’re buggered.
You’ve got to be committed to killing everything. You can’t have guys with their fingers on the trigger thinking about whether to have a go or let her go.

I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever read four more horrifying statements from a human being. You’ve got to be committed to killing everything? This is an ideal? A goal? A good thing? It’s simply monstrous and MacDonald’s evident pride over the efficiency of his trained killers is what really sets the chill in my bones. Guys that are ‘like machines’ are what have caused most of the problems the world is ailing from today.
And, unfortunately, evidence suggests that ProHunt’s gunmen may not be the precise sharpshooters they claim to be.
This morning, I received an anonymous tip from a reader who sent me the following:
The N.P.S. will be moving Prohunt from New Zealand this summer to night shoot the deer at Point Reyes. Prohunt just finished killing 5000 pigs at Santa Cruz Island at a cost of $2000.00 each. They live trapped 70-80% of the pigs and then shot them with shotguns
from a helicopter. The rest of the animals were mostly caught with dogs and stabbed to death. Some sows were re-released with tracking collars after have some rough “in the field surgery” which removed their ovaries and any piglets. This left the animals in estrus or always in heat. These Judas pigs were then followed up on every few days with the helicopter and any pig joining up with them was killed. Several of the Judas pigs died from strangulation from the collars.

It was this note from the reader that helped me to discover the S.F Chronicle Article. I’ll let the taxpayers of West Marin decide how they feel about paying $2000.00 for each deer to be slaughtered, when they’ve already plastered their villages with signs begging the NPS not to kill the deer in the first place.
And I’ll let the advocates of women’s rights mull over the picture of being abducted and having your hormones artificially induced so that you become a living bait. Staggering around the grass in a daze from the surgery you’ve just had, you see the mate you love coming across the field, looking for you. He is shot dead in front of your face. Moments later, you are shot, yourself. You may linger for hours after this, with a broken heart, remembering your lost children, your lost family members and the lost peace of the beautiful seashore you called home.
It is the guys who are like machines who create final moments of torment like this for both animals and human beings. Not one of us would want to die like this.
The citizens of West Marin, Dr. Jane Goodall, the Marin Humane Society and In Defense of Animals have all pleaded with the Park to take the time to study the deer before they begin the slaughter. The NPS’ response to these requests can be summed up in the words of park biologist, Natalie Gates:
“I hope we can just get rid of the non-natives before we have to study them anymore.”
In other words, it’s easier to just kill things instead of learning about them.
So, we are left with men AND women who are like machines, making the decisions about what happens to living creatures. No need to wait for robotic aliens to take over the planet and exterminate us because they have no means of understanding our ways, our lives, our customs, our dreams, our love of our beautiful land. The robots are already here.
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