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Polar Bears International – web business review

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

I want to share a very good thing here with anyone who loves animals. When I determined to devote a section of this blog to reviewing websites, I couldn’t wait to review this one. As is obvious from the logo of this blog, and from that of Solas Web Design’s website, polar bears mean a great deal to us. They have that unique quality of being above above it all, living out their magnificent lives at the top of the world. To us, polar bears symbolize strength, self-sufficiency and wisdom.
And, I know of no website on the whole Internet that is bringing the wonder of polar bears to the public so thoroughly as Polar Bears International at www.polarbearsinternational.org.

What this website offers the Internet public

The website design is very appealing, and conveys that arctic feeling in a pleasant and enjoyable manner. The content of the site is very informative, whether you want to learn basic FAQs or study these animals in depth. Additionally, the site is a resource for those brave individuals who wish to travel to the distant Canadian outpost of Churchill through which the polar bears migrate each year. There are tools for teachers and a completely awesome webcam featuring past and present polar bear sightings. The film clips you can view are every bit as good as what you’d expect from a National Geographic special. I believe they capture just what it is about these bears that makes people so eager to study and protect them.

But, for the consumer, the highpoint of Polar Bears International’s website is going to be the Polar Bear Gift Shop. They are always adding new products to this, and have terrific videos, books, ornaments, and even polar bear pyjamas! The great thing about shopping with them is that you know the proceeds of the sales will go to help this organization’s conservation work with the polar bears. You can also make traditional donations on their website as well.

If I were the webmaster for this site….

I would continue to add to the content, but I’m sure they’ll do so. What I’d love to see here is a blog updated by their many board members. Also, I think it would be super if they would feature
more work of Canada’s native Americans – the Inuits – in their gift shop. No other people carve polar bears with such intuitive feeling, and it would be nice to see this organization tying that in with their efforts to preserve Canada’s bears.

How does Google like them?

‘polar bears’ – #2
‘polar bear gifts’ – #1
‘polar bear conservation’ – #1

You can’t beat those numbers. This website serves as a good lesson to webmasters and SEOs about what it takes to rank at the top in a niche field. It’s focused, it’s appealing, it’s an authority source. Cheers to the folks at Polar Bear’s International, and thank you for all of the work you’re doing to deliver us a great website, while protecting our favorite bears!