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Place Pages/Mike Blumenthal Warning Me To Keep Something In Mind

Just a quick post today. I noticed something signing into my Google Places account that I had not seen before. I imagine I’m seeing this because I’ve made Mike Blumenthal my Google HotPot buddy, but I thought the language prefacing his pan of a local auto dealership (never make Prof. Maps mad) was truly worth noting:

Keep in mind certainly sounds like a warning to me. What language! And very different from the phrase prefacing the positive reviews Mike has left which are headed ‘Recommended Because…’
The very emotive statements of condemnation/warning or praise will have an effect commensurate with the adoption of HotPot. So long as you aren’t making spammers your buddies, I’m assuming you won’t be mislead by fake reviews prefaced with these phrases (unless, like much social media, people just start befriending everyone for the sake of numbers in which case you will not know what the heck to believe reading ratings). I haven’t had the time to look into this deeply or to evaluate accounts with multiple reviews (Mike is the only person in Olean, NY leaving any, apparently!) but I am very curious as to know how many reviews in a multi-review account trigger that note of warning.
Anyone have any thoughts about this? Had you noticed these phrases? What do you think of their tone, and have you noticed any other phrases besides these being used in the ratings of Place Pages? Would love to know!