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Paging Mary Bowling, Local SEO

I’ve had Mary Bowling’s blog Optimized in my feedreader since several of my friends came back from the Local SEO conference in San Francisco a couple of months ago and told me what a neat lady she was.
Her latest post regarding adding attributes to your Google LBC record proves to me that she is not only a neat lady, but an extremely smart Local SEO whom I would love to get to know.
Mary, if you come across this little hello, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your excellent, clear presentation of this subject but I couldn’t find a way to drop you an email via your blog and I also couldn’t seem to find a way to leave a comment on your post. I wanted to tell you that I hope you’ll consider blogging more often, because I really like your style.
If you’d ever like to chat about the work you do with local businesses, I’d really enjoy it!
Miriam Ellis