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Our Professional Copywriting Services Section Gets A Rewrite

Copywriting News at Solas Web Design
Mama says I was born with a pen in my hand and a curiosity about language in my soul. It must be true, as a fascination with the written and spoken word is so much a part of me, it almost is me. Small wonder, then, that when my husband and I founded Solas Web Design, I ended up editing or flat-out writing most of the content that appeared on our first clients’ main pages. The goofy thing is, I did it for free. I was so caught up in some personal need not to let those early websites go live with clunky or next-to-no text, I unthinkingly lumped copywriting in with website design and wrote reams of copy, gratis, for business owners who probably didn’t even realize the value of what I was doing for them. Very beneficent, and dumb, of me.
Eventually, I began billing for hours spent and we developed a section of our website for copywriting work as a stand-alone service. This has generated some business, but to be honest, the majority of my copywriting work is still taking place within the scenario of website design or local search marketing. Last week, in a lull between client projects, I revisited the copywriting section of our website and decided I wasn’t satisfied with it. Rather than letting this keep me up at night, I’ve spent the past few days completely rewriting the 5 pages contained in this portion of the site and I’d like to invite you to visit our new and improved copywriting services section.
I feel I’ve made these specific, significant improvements:

  • The voice on the former pages was somewhat impersonal. Client and colleague testimonials in the intervening years have gone to my head and I’ve gained the confidence to present myself as the copywriter behind the pages. It’s the difference between suggesting that someone hire a good copywriter and that someone hire me. I owe thanks to everyone who has helped me reach this more confident position about the value of what I can do.
  • I have included many more links to live examples of the work I’ve done for for all kinds of interesting clients.
  • Calls to action are stronger.
  • More information has been provided for user education.
  • I think the flow is better; users should be able to navigate within this section of the site in a more sensible manner.

You know the old saying about the shoemakers’ children often being shoeless. How true this is of so many of us in this industry. We give our all to client projects, sometimes at the neglect of our own websites and work. I think the website design section of my firm’s site is badly in need of a makeover, but finding the time to do this will be challenging. I shouldn’t complain if business is good enough to keep me from attending to improvements I’d like to make to SolasWebDesign.net, but the copywriting services pages were ones I couldn’t let slip any longer. I love website design and local search marketing, but when I write for great small American businesses, there is something unique about the strengths and feelings this work elicits from me.
It would be gratifying to spend a larger percentage of my available time on such projects and we’ll have to see if the rewritten pages generate more interest. I hope they will, as my passion for telling the stories of unique businesses is very sincere. Are you looking to improve your business by developing a meaningful relationship with a professional copywriter? I’d love to hear from you.