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Our Latest Website Launch For A Very Winning Local Business

Truth be told, I’m a romantic person. Not in a lovey-dovey kind of way, but in the sense that my spirit lights up when it encounters concepts like alpine Sierra meadows sprinkled with flowers, the evening sun painting hot stretches of New Mexico’s desert places, or the first warming sip from a flask of strong tea on a windy beach, coat collar up around your frozen ears and the thud of the water clearing your mind.
I find such flashes of feeling and mental imagery irresistibly exciting and I’ve realized that it’s this simple romantic vision that draws me in so totally when new clients come to me from interesting places around the country. Yes, we’ll do our level best to build them a totally sensible, usable, high ranking website, but I think we do a little more. For so long as we work with a client, we’re reaching out for a share in their particular business dream, and part of this involves envisioning the romance of the sales proposition…the irresistible offer of something customers will part with money to participate in, be this the purchase of a new camping tent or the hiring of a professional landscaper. Find the dream and you increase your chances of discovering deep and unvoiced motivations.
Laramie, Wyoming sits on a high plain between two magnificent mountain ranges. Its old time reputation was for Wild West lawlessness, and in modern times, it’s a living place for the adventurous, the rugged, the unique individual. Not everyone would choose to live in Laramie, but it sounds completely enthralling to me for its great outdoors atmosphere. Here’s an amazing fact: there is literally no month of the year in which snow hasn’t fallen at some point in Laramie. It’s a frosty spot and only a polar bear would try to live there without the benefit of a life-giving hearth in the home.
high country stoves
Enter High Country Stoves and Chimneys – Laramie, Wyoming’s dedicated local hearth stoves expert. This family business has been serving Southeastern Wyoming and North Central Colorado for nearly two decades now, and owner Larry James knows enough about wood stoves, gas fireplaces and pellet stoves to write a great book on the subject. He is so adept in his field that he was, in fact, invited to the White House some years ago to sweep the chimneys. In my early conversations with Larry, it quickly became apparent that he is committed to customer satisfaction in a way you only get with the very best small, local businesses.
Just imagine yourself as a newcomer to Laramie. Say you move into your dream house in the high country in late July. Then the first real cold snap comes and the funky space heater that came with the house leaves you turning blue. Imagine walking into Larry James’ big, bright hearth stoves show room and having him personally guide you through all of your choices, assuring you that his people will not only come and install your toasty new stove, but they will also service it themselves if it ever needs it. No dealing with sending angry emails to a manufacturer somewhere in New Jersey. Larry James is just down the road and in coming to him for help, you’ll soon find out that your stove will not only be a gorgeous visual feature of your home, but will also enable you to live out your high country dream in luxurious, warm comfort.
When I think of the grand snow and the friendliness of fire, when I think of local families passing the long winter nights at ease because of the vital service High Country Stoves and Chimneys provides, I am convinced of the benefits of the small local business. No one else is going to understand the specific challenges of life in this corner of Wyoming like the James family will. Thoughts like these were at the forefront of my mind when we sat down to redesign this company’s website, and it gave me a happy glow to think that the end result could be a site which offered an appealing first taste of the knowledge and welcome customers will receive when they visit this local business.
High Country Stoves and Chimney’s new website is quite simple, but carefully structured to step the visitor through their many choices of stoves based on fuel type, size and architectural needs. Contact information is apparent and abundant and Google is already taking handsome notice of this in their 3-pack and organic results. And, the website has been designed to enable the James family to manage their own updates. This was a lovely, clear project and the chance to be part of the little town of Laramie for awhile was a satisfying pleasure.
Maybe next week, my mind will be in Maine, helping a family to sell the best oyster crackers ever baked. Maybe it’ll be up in the North Woods, getting a lakeside vacation home ready for an Internet debut. Maybe someone in my own town will bring me on to help them turn California into the solar energy capital of the world. No, not every project has that delectable element of romance, but if its there at all, I think I’ll find it and work for my clients with a real sense of joy.