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Nota Bene: Matt McGee's Hyperlocal Series Starts Today!

Having just finished up a 5 part Hyperlocal Blogging series of my own, I was thrilled to hear that Matt McGee has earmarked this week for his 5 part series: Starting a Hyperlocal Blog.
I’m a fan from post #1 and was particularly interested to understand Matt’s reasoning behind launching multiple city-specific blogs for his wife’s various areas of service, as opposed to creating an umbrella blog for the whole Tri-cities area of Washington. In my experience, SEOs typically recommend working hard to enrich a single point – a single domain – but it appears that keyword research and strategy have dictated otherwise here for the McGees. As Matt puts it:

* We’d create four new quality local blogs, one to cover each of the primary cities in the Tri-Cities, plus West Richland.
I put the word “quality” in italics there because it’s easy to brush this off as more real estate spam: Here’s another real estate agent making multiple spammy sites that are just going to interlink and clog up the SERPs. Nope. As you’ll see soon in our discussion of tactics, creating quality is at the core of the whole effort. We’re not hosting the three domains on separate IP ranges to avoid the appearance of spam. Our assumption is that the blogs will be so good we don’t have to worry about looking spammy.

The McGees are putting in major efforts to make their hyperlocal real estate blogs both useful and profitable, and Matt’s transparent and truthful documentation of the challenges in realizing that goal is going to provide a really educational read for all of us!