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New sewing website – themexicandress.com – a special project!

Mexican Dress Image
Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
I’m very pleased to announce the launch of a very special project for us: www.themexicandress.com. There’s a nice little story behind the creation of this website, and I hope this post will prove interesting to small business owners who are in the sewing, crafting, or needle arts industries.
What is a Mexican Dress?
This traditional garment dates back centuries, and is variously known today as a Puebla dress, a Mexican Peasant dress and a Boho dress. It is a very simple sundress made of lightweight cotton, and the wonderful hand embroidery it is embellished with transforms it from a basic garment into a work of art. My family has long owned an heirloom Mexican dress from Oaxaca, but it is somewhat the worse for wear, and when I went shopping for a replacement, I couldn’t find many sources online, and certainly none where I live.
So, being a do-it-yourselfer kind of woman, I took the vintage Mexican dress apart and created a set of instructions for myself so that I could reproduce it and sew my own. Like many folk garments, the assembly is incredibly easy, even for a seamstress like myself who is far from being a pro. After that, I created an embroidery design and had a dream of a time ornamenting the dress with birds and flowers in beautiful colors. In less than a week, I had puzzled out this dress, sewn it and embroidered it. I am receiving compliments on it everywhere I go!
Next Steps
The story gets better here. Because I live in a web design state of mind, I decided to do some searching to see if other women might be looking for such a garment. Turns out, they certainly are, and I realized that I had a unique opportunity to share what I had learned with them. I created a 14 page, illustrated PDF instruction booklet and signed up for a Payloadz account in order to be able to accept orders from interested folks. My husband and I built the website, including all of the information I felt would be most informative for people who are either researching this folk garment or looking to create one, and the site is now up and ready for visitors. Visitors can purchase the booklet, download it and print it out. All in a matter of seconds. Talk about instant gratification!
The wonderful thing about this elegant garment is that it suits all body shapes and sizes. I can honestly say that my Mexican dress is the most comfortable garment I own and this style continues to enjoy unflagging popularity with women of all ages. I’m so looking forward to seeing the response to the launch of themexicandress.com.
One of the benefits of being a web designer is that I can so easily translate ideas I have into webpages that work, invite visitors and rank well in search engines. Like most SEO/marketing folks, we take great pride in the personal projects we are always working on in addition to the work we do for our clients. If you are a crafter or a seamstress and have a project that you think could be a hit, digital downloads make offering your ideas for sale a snap. No messing with paper, products, shipping. It really is a neat opportunity, and I’d love to hear from the crafty folks out there who are ready to go into business on the web. It would be a pleasure to create a simple website like this for you.
If you like sewing, please visit my new Mexican dress website, or share the URL with a friend who sews. Thanks!