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New Bug In Google Reviews?

Hidden Google Reviews

The above image is a screenshot of something odd I’m encountering in Google’s reviews. Either this is a bug, or something has prejudiced Google against some of my reviews. Instead of allowing me to click on the ‘more’ link to read the complete review, the link changes to a ‘hide’ option if you click it. There is no way to read the complete review.
I encountered this on a number of my reviews, and I’m at a loss to know what it means. Maybe this is just a temporary thing. I went and left a new review today to see how Google would handle it, and so far, it’s allowing me to read the whole review, but many of my older reviews cannot be accessed because of the more/hide problem.
Has anyone else encountered something like this? Could other users have voted my reviews as unhelpful too many times or something? I don’t understand why some of my reviews are accessible and others are not. It’s a puzzle.