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Miriam Wins Honorable Mention In the SEMMYs!

2008 SEMMY Runner-Up
What an honor it is to have been chosen as a Runner Up in the SEMMYs! I honestly didn’t think my article, Seeing With Web Design Eyes – 9 Evident Errors would make it so far. Really, a wonderful, pleasant surprise.
Congratulations to Brian Eisenberg for taking 1st place in the Online Marketing/General Category. He richly deserved this.
Applause to my fellow runners up, Rand Fishkin and Holly Buchanan, too. Oddly, Rand and I tied with the same number of votes in this category. Neat!
Last of all, a big thanks to Matt McGee for creating this enjoyable awards series. This must have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort, Matt, and has been a really nice, positive thing for the industry. Well done!