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Minimize Bad Reviews And Earn Great Ones With The Feedback First Concept of Get Five Stars!


Feedback First!
To me, this is the gem of genius behind the recently-launched new review and rep management tool, GetFiveStars.com.
Imagine if you had a way to get feedback from your customers before they took steps to leave you a review on a third party platform like Google+ Local or Yelp.
Imagine if this customer feedback enabled you to:

  • Identify that a customer had a negative experience, allowing you to reach out to him personally to rectify this situation before he leaves a negative review about your company.
  • Identify that a customer had a very positive experience, allowing you to nudge him towards your chosen review profiles in hopes of earning an amazing review.
  • Publish positive feedback garnered from customers as Schema-encoded testimonials on a page of your website, all in a matter of seconds!
  • Gauge the ups and downs of public sentiment about your business over the course of a month, many months or years, providing you with unique insight into problematic areas of your business as well as your successes.
  • Automate the whole process of review acquisition so that a few minutes spent on your part could lead to years of excellent reviews!

If a tool could accomplish all of the above, your local business would be cooking with gas! You would have found a way to communicate with your customers that would minimize the potential for negative reviews while encouraging positive ones from customers who provide excellent initial feedback based on a 10 point rating system. User generated content in the form of testimonials would be automatically uploaded to a designated page on your website via a seamless process, increasing the valuable text content of your website and, possibly, earning you stars in the search engine results. And, you would be able to identify problematic patterns within your business, such as slow service, pricing complaints and other customer satisfaction issues that you could take steps to correct internally, thanks to the feedback you’ve received.
GetFiveStars.com will do all of this and more for your business and, without hesitation, I can say that it’s the most exciting new local business tool I’ve seen rolled out in 2013.
GetFiveStars.com was created by Don Campbell and Mike Blumenthal, two gentlemen who have put in years of hard labor in the trenches of Local SEO and who are widely respected for their expertise. Mike kindly gave me a tour of GetFiveStars.com last week and I’ve been playing with the tool since. The impression it has made on me is that the actual tasks performed by this product are things that local business owners and Local SEO agencies truly need.
Phil Rozek has written a very detailed post on some of the more technical aspects of the tool. What I want to share is that this is a tool created for local business owners and Local SEO agencies by two people who truly know Local. Local business owners need it to be easier to engage with their customers on the web. Local SEO agencies need resources for introducing review acquisition and reputation management to their clients in a way that won’t overwhelm them or scare them off. GetFiveStars accomplishes both goals, in my opinion, and I want to congratulate Campbell and Blumenthal for perceiving these real needs and creating an easy-to-use tool that resolves them.
Agencies will be interested to learn that GetFiveStars can even be white labeled for your company’s use. And I want to be sure to mention that all efforts have been made by the creators to minimize review loss by pushing reviews out to the web at a very modest pace. There are also ways to configure the review request page so as not to offend the Yelp gods with anything that smacks of solicitation.
According to Blumenthal and Campbell, this tool was years in the making, and honestly, I think the developers have thought of everything a user could need to get fast feedback by asking for customers to use the tool at or near the time of service, to identify positive sentiment, rectify negative sentiment and slowly earn great reviews over time.
If I could give GetFiveStars five of my own stars, I would!