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Mike Blumenthal Pictures Local

Good stuff coming from Mike Blumenthal this week; most specifically his Local Search Web Equity Infographic. Definitely worth taking a gander at in your efforts to understand the key factors that go into owning a strong Local web presence.
Also worth checking out: the user reviews of a Saint Paul, MN business called Wedding Shoppe Inc. My attention to this Place Page is also thanks to Mike Blumenthal. Look at the nicely done owner responses to some of the negative reviews that have come in. For example, one user writes:

Bad costumer service The whole time I was there it felt like i was intruding on the sales people’s time. My friend and I were hurried out the door so I tried to go back another day because I heard they have a good selection. We had the same experience again.

The owner responds:

Wedding dress shopping is emotional and sometimes time consuming experience so it is not our policy to hurry customers through the shopping process. Although we usually hear about good experiences at the Wedding Shoppe, we also take special consideration to evaluate any customer concerns. If you are willing, I would like to hear details about your experience to better improve our shopping experience for future brides. If you are willing to give us another opportunity, I could setup an appointment with a senior consultant or manager. My email is support@weddingshoppeinc.com

The offer to set up a personal consultation with the unhappy customer in order to improve the public’s experience with the shop really rings my bell. Wonderful approach and this business deserves praise for their gracious handling of the often-tricky world of user reviews.
Thanks, again, Mike, for everything you share with everybody in Local. I learn from you every time we chat!