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Matt McGee Launches HyperLocalBlogger.com

If the phrase hyperlocal blogger raises images in your mind of your neighbor riffing with WordPress on a sugar high, let Matt McGee bring you up to speed with his brand new blog HyperLocalBlogger.com.
Hyperlocal Blogging – the process of blogging about your corner of the world in hopes of engaging a targeted local audience – is absolutely one of the most exciting things going on in Local Search these days and I am so looking forward to seeing what Matt will do with this new blog which he intends to make a resource for anyone looking to get into this facet of SEO.
Matt has the experience to make this blog a tremendously valuable resource, and he and his wife, Cari, have been learning hands-on with 4 hyperlocal blogs they are authoring in the real estate industry. Adding this site to my feedreader was a no-brainer and I can’t wait to absorb anything Matt sets out to teach me about this subject which weds the two subjects dearest to my professional heart: local search and copywriting. I’m wishing Matt great good luck with this fascinating new effort!