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Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

We’re currently working on an interesting project for one of our clients, Green Acres Manor. They are a local Sonoma County elder care home offering long term residential care. Green Acres Manor is run by a young, energetic couple, Joe and Monica Hansen, and their facility is very homelike. Additionally, the surroundings of the care home are quite stunning – the vineyards and mountains that have made Sonoma County one of the world’s best-known tourist destinations.

Joe and Monica are new neighbors of ours, and they are eager to become involved in the local community. They are participating in the upcoming Alzheimer’s Walk, and apart from this, they have begun to put together a library of articles about elder care on the Green Acres Manor website. This is their way of reaching out to their Sonoma County neighbors who may be facing the challenging situation of finding care for an elder loved one who is no longer able to live on their own. We brainstormed with Joe Hansen regarding what topics would be most helpful to begin writing about, and this is what the website is offering at this point:

Understanding the Types of Elder Care available in Sonoma County, California
The focus of this article is simply to describe what types of elder care exist in our local area. Different elders may need the services of in-home care, a nursing home or residential care, and this article talks about the difference in these types of care.

When An Elder Person Needs Care
This article was written to help family members determine whether an elder person is safe living on their own, or if they need basic or full assistance with the daily tasks of living. It gives a list of warning signs that a loved one may not be safe.

Screening Elder Care Facilities in Sonoma County, California
Most families will visit a number of residential care homes before choosing the best one for their loved one, and this article will help them to understand how to screen various facilities. It covers the important points the family needs to consider about each home they visit.

Screening In-Home Elder Care Providers
Very often, an elder person can stay living at home if home help is provided. The focus of this article revolves around the questions a family member needs to be sure to ask when interviewing potential caregivers.

Local Resources for Seniors, Veterans and Elder Care Givers
This is a smart, one-stop location for any Sonoma County resident who is trying to locate the services our community provides for elders, veterans, and also, caregivers.

Joe and Monica intend to continue expanding their library of reading material. We think this is such a good contribution to the Sonoma County community. Unquestionably, it’s going to be a difficult time in the life of a family when a dearly beloved family member requires care, and I believe that the articles that Green Acres Manor are providing will make this time a little easier, in terms of navigating the options and challenges involved.

If you are looking for residential care for a loved one, a visit to Green Acres Manor may be a big help to you. You might also want to visit the Sonoma County Area Agency on Aging for further information about local senior services.

It’s so important that we all do something to give back to the communities we are each a part of. Small business websites have such a fine opportunity to help their neighbors in this way, and their contributions often prove very meaningful.