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Lost Google Reviews Making You Blue?

Please, check out my latest piece on the SEOmoz Blog: Lost Your Google Reviews? Take A Proactive Stance! I’ll teach you how to take at least one proactive step towards drawing Google’s attention to the magnitude of this problem of lost reviews.
Local business owners everywhere are having to ask themselves some tough questions right now in regards to Google-based reviews. Should they ask for reviews at the time of sale, offering a mobile device on which the client can enter a review? Should they ask the client to use his own mobile device, at the time of service? Should they set up a review kiosk in-house to enable easy reviewing? Should they be sending out promos, newsletters or other marketing materials that link to their Google+ profile and request a review? Should they hire a Local SEO to help them navigate all this, and how can they be sure the Local SEO will do everything in an above-board fashion, rather than putting their online reputation at further risk?
My gosh – that’s a lot of stuff to consider. I don’t have all the answers, but I hope my piece at SEOmoz will help you to feel brought up-to-date on some of the issues surrounding lost reviews.