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LocalBizBits' Very Local Logo – Designed By Us!

Local Biz Bits' New Logo

What could be more fun than getting to design a new logo for a respected colleague whose industry happens to be your own professional passion? When Larry Sullivan asked us if we knew of anyone who could design a new logo for his blog, LocalBizBits.com, my response was along the lines of me, me, me!
All of my friends in Local Search are bound to recognize the homage being paid to the 10-pack by this new logo we’ve designed for Larry and it was a tremendous pleasure to work with him on this.
Larry tells us he’s looking forward to making his blog a better and better resource for Local Search information and advice and his site holds a firm place in our feedreader. Augusta, Georgia is very lucky to have Larry Sullivan as their resident Local Search specialist and we felt very lucky to work with him on this. We hope his new logo will make all of you feel right at home!