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Local SEO Page – Your Feedback Requested

Greetings from Inside the SEOigloo!
The series of interviews we’ve been running with great local SEOs has inspired us to get cracking on devoting a page on our business website to the local SEO services we offer to clients. Up until now, the formula we’re witnessing is that local businesses are coming to us for web design, at which point we begin explaining to them how local SEO efforts will be important to their plan.
Meanwhile, Local Search services are getting a whopping 4 count in the Google Daily Estimate! That’s amusing, but we expect to see that number grow, and think the time is now to get a page in place for relevant phrases.
I would appreciate it if my fellow Local SEO enthusiasts would take a look at the page we put up today for this branch of our services. Feedback from my small business owners and any passers-by is also eagerly requested.
Are we being clear on this page? Are we addressing what people will need to know? Are we claiming too much or too little? Is it informative? How could it be made better? Have any of you devoted a page specifically to Local SEO Services?
Our readers’ opinions mean a great deal to us, and I would appreciate critiques.