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Local SEO Interview Roundup!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
In the name of usability and not having to go five different places to meet five great Local SEOs, here’s my list of links to the five interviews its been my pleasure to publish over the past two weeks:
Mike Blumenthal
David Mihm
Local Hound Tim
Will Scott
Andrew Shotland
What I Learned From These Interviews
1) Local SEOs are in agreement that the city centroid is wielding major influence on Google’s A-J and 10-pack rankings. Really, it seems that the emphasis Google is placing on the city centroid is creating an unnatural situation where our best recommendation to local business owners regarding this is to move their business to the middle of town. That’s kind of silly. And, it’s not as if searchers, be they local residents or visitors, are standing in front of city hall looking for something. They are going to be performing searches from all over a given area, and what’s closest to the the centroid is not necessarily going to be closest to them. I don’t see centroid proximity as a truly legitimate relevance factor, do you? As a user, I’d be more interested in reviews or citations.
2) The opinions on the health of traditional YP are varied. Some say it’s time to hold a wake for
Yellow Pages, others that it’s time to change the way we use them, and still others that Yellow
Pages, rather than being dead, are suffering from swine fever!
3) When called upon to express their gut reactions to the current state of Local Search, Local
SEOs are feeling both excitement about the potential of it and major frustration over the bugs,
weirdnesses and hangups we’re having to deal with, particularly in Maps.
4) My Local SEO colleagues are funny guys. Mike Blumenthal is considering giving up Local Search in order launch something called TussyMussy.org in hopes of enjoying an early retirement, Will Scott has got crawfish on his blog and this appears to be some kind of government regulation for businesses in Louisiana, and Andrew Shotland wants to trade Local SEO services for some appealing grout. Would you hire one of these guys?
I would!