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Local Search Glossary – New and Nifty!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
Bill Slawski has just published the beginnings of his Local Search Glossary. Who better than Bill to make sense of all of the factors that may go into determining how your business could be ranked in Local Search?
In case you’ve yet to notice, Local Search is the new frontier in search that presents many golden opportunities for businesses that have a physical location, and is especially wonderful for any business that depends on serving local clients for a living.
I have written a bit about Local Search here and here on the SEOigloo blog, but have discovered that one of the challenges for all of us has been that the language we’re using to define local search is both unfamiliar and non-standardized. Hopefully, Bill’s new glossary will be the start of discussions about local search that make more sense to all of us, because we are all using the same words to describe the same things we are seeing in Local Search.
Thanks, Bill. This is great!