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Listingcorp.com – Evil Scammers!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

Have you received an email or postal mail bill from listingcorp.com or Website Listing Service Corp? DON’T SEND THEM ANY MONEY! This weekend, not one, but two of our clients have been billed by this unethical company for alleged services that they have certainly never purchased. The company goes by both of the above names and I’m blogging about this to warn potential victims about this scam.

Who is Listingcorp.com / Website Listing Service Corp?

In brief, one of the spammiest companies I have ever come across. They offer to ‘submit your website to 20 search engines with 8 keyword phrases’. Goody, goody. Why is this a joke? Because it is never necessary to submit your website to a search engine. Search Engines’ jobs are to find you as they send out crawlers…and though many engines do have the option to submit your site to them, frankly, this feature is included to cut down the number of emails they would otherwise receive saying “how do I get to appear in your search engine listings?”. Never submit your website to a search engine, and never pay a scamming, low-down company like Listingcorp.com to do it for you.

A Google search for Listingcorp.com shows me that Aaron Wall received
Garbage Junkmail from Listingcorp.com. It looks like Aaron was solicited by these folks back in September of 2005, and as they are still sending out their phony bills in October 2006, I’m assuming no one has been able to get them shut down for what should be a completely illegal practice.

If my tone is a bit hostile in this blog post, it’s because I find listingcorp.com and their contemporaries to be totally odious, unethical and evil. They are making money off of the ignorance of website owners who may be confused into thinking they actually owe them money for their absurd ‘services’.

What services does listingcorp.com offer?

Apart from their ridiculous claims of submitting your website to 20 search engines with 8 keyword phrases (that you can pick yourself or, hahaha, they will pick them for you) they claim that they will be sending you a quarterly report about your search engine rankings. Their website says:

“By using our service you will benefit from our extensive reports that will be emailed to your quarterly that show your real-time positioning in the search engines. Knowing where your website ranks will help you understand how to attract even more customers.

You know, folks, if you want to know where your website ranks, why not go look in the actual search engine to see for yourself, rather than paying listingcorp.com to do it for you? Knowing where your site ranks has nothing to do with improving your rankings. It’s simply a plain fact…not some kind of search engine optimization technique that will help you in any way.

Listingcorp.com making a bad name for themselves across the Internet

I’m glad to see that anyone who does a search for listingcorp.com via Google is going to see that the top 10 listings contains 8 sources warning against the tactics of this company. Following these links to blogs and forums quickly reveals that many, many people have received phony bills from listingcorp.com and I would love it if someone with more legal know-how than us would bring these guys down.

I am also extremely glad that our clients wrote to us before they sent money to listingcorp.com. Unwitting web business owners who are new to the Internet or who don’t have a webmaster/SEO in their back pocket may not be so lucky and will actually send these bad guys money. I hope you’ve come across this blog post and that you won’t be taken in by scammers like these. And please, if you have received a bill via email or postal mail from this company, feel free to comment on it here to help warn others about listingcorp.com