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Learning Guitar Now – A Dreamy Web 2.0 Client for Solas Web Design

Learning Guitar Now
We enjoy all of the projects we take on, but sometimes, a client and a concept comes along that is so exciting to us, work becomes more like entertainment because we are having so much fun.
I knew from the moment I first spoke with John W. Tuggle on the phone that this was going to be an incredibly satisfying project, and we are feeling pretty excited having just launched his website, LearningGuitarNow.com.
When You Know You’re Talking To A Dream Client
John’s enthusiasm was apparent in the way he spoke about his hopes for his website, and his well-organized plan for using his 13 years as an offline guitar instructor to start offering beginner, blues and slide guitar lessons to the online public. He had about a dozen ideas he conveyed to me within a half-hour phone conversation, and then I went and took a peek at some of the first YouTube videos he’d been publishing.
Wow! was my first reaction, this guy is good. His blues guitar style is confident and gripping and his slide guitar style has that easy, carefree sound that hints at the pleasure of playing it. His verbal communications in the videos were straightforward and really informative – he’s got one completely awesome video showing all kinds of tips for getting different sounds out of a classic amp, and the YouTube commenters are going pretty crazy over it.
My gut feeling about John proved correct. This was the kind of web development project where we’d shoot off an email at night mentioning we needed text for such and such page, and the client would have it to us by the time we sat down to work the next day (fellow web designers, eat your hearts out!). The whole project rolled forward without a hitch because of this dream client’s on-the-ball work ethics and fire for the process.
A Technologically-Enriched Website
Learning Guitar Now boldly embraces a variety of media including:

  • YouTube Videos both on-site and on YouTube
  • Skype technology to offer live, one-on-one guitar lessons
  • Quicktime Videos
  • Digital Download Guitar Lessons
  • A Downloadable Guitar Method E-Book
  • Traditional e-commerce ordering for DVDs
  • A guitar lessons podcast
  • A newsletter that offers instructions, tabs and videos
  • A blog

John did a fantastic job creating teaching materials and it was our pleasure to develop the website around them in such a way that it would be extremely intuitive for John’s customers to learn guitar in the way that will be easiest for them, whether that’s through watching on-line videos, taking private online guitar lessons or purchasing books and DVDs. It’s truly a full-service entity.
Our Job
John created all the videos and other learning materials he wanted to offer, and our tasks were as follows:

  • Keyword Research
  • SEO copy editing for better relevance
  • Design of the site’s visual look and feel
  • Customization of the blog

Our goal was to keep things very simple and user-friendly while offering the search engines abundant signals as to the subjects the website is relevant to. With the rich variety of media Learning Guitar Now offers, our feeling was that it was crucial to make sure the container (the website) of all of these learning options was very clean, no-nonsense and professional. We listened to John playing guitar while we were creating the design, and attempted to capture both his friendliness and authority in the design we developed for him.
Because John also teaches offline guitar lessons in Athens, GA., we also made sure to optimize both his footer and relevant pages of his site for Local Search in addition to the more traditional SEO we see as the backbone of any good website.
How The Client Feels
“Looks awesome! Thanks again for a great job. I’ve got a great starting point with this site and you guys helped me make that a reality. The site is so visually appealing and easy on the eyes. The navigation is excellent as well. It’s really a great piece of work,” are some of the very nice remarks John has made throughout the development process and his praise is exactly what we wanted to hear.
This was a delightful project for us, and we are feeling abundantly confident that John’s talent as a guitar instructor and his love of cool new Internet technologies is a winning combination that is going to make his business a success in the web 2.0 world. It was an honor to help this client pull everything together into a cohesive experience his users are going to love. Bottom line – this was just fun!