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If you want to learn about Flickr…

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
This is just a quick post to point folks in the direction of an article I found to be of immense help in understanding the photo-sharing Social Media site, Flickr, and how this site can be used as a marketing tool for small web businesses. I am also writing this post so I will stop having to search Small Business SEM to find the link again.
At this point, thanks to Matt McGee’s article, I have begun playing around with Flickr, uploading some of my wild bird illustrations. Flickr, happily, has a category for illustrations (which is good because otherwise I’d have to convince the other members that these ARE photographs!). Following Matt’s advice, I made our business URL our username and, of course, I am using my SEO wits in terms of how I am tagging the illustrations.
I want to get my duck feet wet in how this neat community site works before attempting to put it to use for clients.
What I really like about Flickr is the concept that it has been segmented into groups of users with like interests. There is no question that I’ve been having a fantastic time looking at other members’ birding photographs. Because of my genuine appreciation of the site, it removes my concern that I would only be doing this to market my brand. I much prefer that all on-line endeavours are of true value, with good, and often altruistic, intentions behind them.
No Social Media sites want to have to deal with selfish spammers, and because Flickr does, indeed, have such a wonderful variety of truly interesting groups one can join, chances are, most small business owners can find a place to socialize and share what they do in a positive, friendly, non-aggressive way.
I plan to upload some more illustrations this week, and then I need to become more familiar with how I might share these with others who would like them.
Please, check out Matt’s excellently thorough article about how Flickr can be a smart marketing tool for your small web business. I think this is one SM site we can all start getting friendly with.