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If I Already Know Your Local Business, I Still Need To Know Your Hours

This may seem like a no-brainer, but highly visible inclusion of your shop’s hours of operation on your website should never be overlooked. I’ve run into several instances of missing hours lately, so think of this a helpful reminder that any local business currently engaged in building a new website or improving an existing one should be sure that this information is easy to find on the website.
I’d say that there are 2 types of phone calls I make over and over again, even to stores where I’m a frequent shopper.
1) To ask if a store has something
2) To ask how late they are open that day
Ideally, your website could answer both of these questions, but shifting stock may make question #1 more of a challenge to answer. Question #2, however, is easy to fulfill. I would recommend putting the complete hours of operation in at least two places:
1) On your Contact Us page
2) Somewhere in or near the masthead of your website, sitewide.
Accomplishing this simple task could:
1) Cut down on the number of calls you and employees have to take to answer this basic question, freeing you up for other work.
2) Reduce the chances that you will lose business by potential customers arriving after hours and being disappointed.
Planning an awesome local business website takes thought and care. A guiding rule is to always be asking, throughout development, “What Will My Customers Want To Know?” Answer those types of questions and you’ll be putting your website to work for you in the important role of customer service provider.