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I guess I'm nerdy….and I guess I'm proud!

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!

I am nerdier than 58% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

What you see here is my official nerd score. As it turns out, I’m nerdier than my friend, Rand over at 14th Colony. In point of fact, according to this latest meme that’s going around the blogosphere, I rate like this:
40% scored higher (more nerdy),
2% scored the same, and
58% scored lower (less nerdy).
Was it the fact that I own a laptop, a laser printer and a telescope? Did the maker of this test somehow obtain the information that my Atari 2600 is still in great working order (knock on wood paneling) after more than 20 years of use? I don’t know, but I guess I’m pretty nerdy…and also…rather original if only 2 percent of the other nerds out there share my exact score. I should find this other 2 percent and invite them over to play Adventure and Space Invaders with me…only, being such a nerd, I’m too shy to be good at making friends.
This is a silly meme. I can’t think of anything edifying to add to this, and I hope that Christina and Lori will forgive me for tagging them. Now is the time for you ladies to find out just how nerdy you are.
As a closing note, I’d like to add here that nerds really know where it’s at. My so-called nerd-factor has led to the fact that I’m making a living sitting in my comfy chair, eating toast, drinking tea and running a tiny portion of the world via my computer. I’ve achieved this much by virtue of my nerdiness. But the really, truly great nerds made all their money a decade or two ago and are now finally free to spend all of their time creating new mazes for their Dungeons & Dragons friends.