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How To Spin An Article And Why You Shouldn't

A few months ago, I was repeatedly solicited by a relatively visible Internet Marketing firm that was trying to hook me up with some type of program. I declined the offer, but an acquaintance ending up hiring this firm to undertake an SEO campaign for him. Later, I got an inside look at one of the services this acquaintance had purchased and it turned out to be article distribution hinging on the practice known as spinning. Never heard of this?
Read my most recent Search Engine Guide article: The Shady Practice Of Spinning Articles To Avoid Duplicate Content Penalties.
It seems this is a growing post-Panda practice and suffice it to say that I really, really dislike it.
So, if you are about to hire a marketing firm that wants to put the dubious magic of the ‘spun’ article to work for you, do yourself a favor and read my piece on this first. It could save you time, money and a bothersome hassle.