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How Does Maps Handle Mutiple Practitioners?

Greetings from inside the SEOigloo!
I was thinking today about that fact that both Mike and Will work with clients in various medical fields.
We seem pretty much agreed on the idea that a local business with multiple locations will likely be best served by creating a unique page for each of those locations.
But what about when a single building has multiple professionals working in it?
For example, the doctor’s office my husband goes to has some 6 doctors working within the same partnership. They all have the same address, but some of them offer different services.
If one of these MDs came to me for Local SEO and it came time to register their LBC listing, how would Google process the fact that I’d be submitting an address that exactly matches an address submitted by another doctor in the partnership?
I haven’t had to deal with this situation yet, but I’m guessing I will at some point, and I’d appreciate knowing how my fellow Local SEOs are handling this and how Google is appearing to handle it.