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Honored To Become A Mod At Linda Buquet's Local Search Forum!

Today, I’m so proud and happy to announce joining the staff at Linda Buquet’s Local Search Forum as their first-ever moderator! If you run a local business or are a Local SEO and you’ve not yet heard of this awesome, targeted forum, please come by. Topics that are really important to you are being discussed there daily, and given that Linda is a Google Place Help Forum Top Contributor, you can count on a level of conversation and advice that is second to none in the Local sphere!
In addition to working as a community associate in the SEOmoz Q&A forum, I’ve been a moderator at Cre8asite since 2008. A discussion I’ve seen come up time and again in the SEO world is whether forums are still valuable to people. Believe me, they definitely are, and while those newer sound-byte, quickie Social Media platforms like Twitter serve a definite purpose, they cannot replace the depth of communication you will find in a top tier forum.
What I’ve learned from my work in fora is that really good ones have these elements:
– They cover topics that directly affect the concerns and goals of business owners.
– They are peopled by friendly, sharing contributors – not ego-driven know-it-alls.
– They are equally welcoming to novices and pros, addressing all questions with thought and care.
– They build a community where you like and learn from great people and you feel really comfortable there.
Linda Buquet’s Local Search Forum meets all these criteria, providing a wonderful environment for all of us in Local to share our challenges and successes. It is truly an honor to join the staff, and I sincerely hope to add to the friendly atmosphere and knowledge bank at the Local Search Forum. This will be fun!