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Happy Olympics, World!

Long before the Internet, the Olympic Games have had a means of uniting the world. Tonight, billions of earthlings will turn on their TVs to watch the opening ceremonies of 2010 Olympics and, for a precious moment in time, our global thoughts will be bent on themes of goodwill, fun and joy. There is nothing else quite like this, and if you’re going to watch the Games, I want to wish you a very Happy Olympics!
Every 2 years, my brother’s family prepares a dinner on the night of the opening ceremonies that reflects the cuisine of the host country (he’s been a little puzzled by dining a la Canada…I suggested maple syrup). My youngest sister is giving a party for all of her college friends tonight to celebrate the start of the Olympics. Around the SEOigloo, we’ve decorated with flags of many nations as our way of participating in the spirit of the Games. In a world overburdened by cynicism and the rule of warlords, how good it is to sense the innocent and simple pleasure people around the globe can still take in good sportsmanship and the celebration of human achievement.

My Predictions For The 2010 Olympic Men’s Figure Skating Competition
I’ve been watching figure skating since the Innsbruck games of 1976, when I was just a baby. I’m not a big sports person, but I know figure skating well. Here we go:
Evgeney Plushenko : Has more technical clout than any of his competitors. He won gold last time and he can win it again if he skates well. He’s got the Russian reputation for perfect technique, but his long program in 2006 was hopelessly devoid of artistry – something very odd for a Russian. It was as if he knew he could win and so did the least possible in his performance. This lost him some admirers, and we’ll see what kind of passion he puts into his programs this time around.
Stephane Lambiel: This is the guy I’d love to see win the gold. He skates with absolute joy and when he wins, he screams and cries. It’s very touching to see someone who lives so in the moment that he allows himself to be overcome with the emotion of achievement. He won silver for Switzerland in 2006 and if he skates well, he has the technical ability to do it again. His skate is the one to watch, in my opinion, for pure enjoyment.
The Rest: The bronze is up for grabs and that will make this competition exciting. Because I live in America, American media pushes US athletes as potential winners, often without cause. This time around, I do see Jeremy Abbott as a medal contender, but much more hype has been given to Evan Lysacek whom I find unimpressive and Johnny Weir whose off-ice antics have been deserved of more notice than the content of his skating. Patrick Chan of Canada will be skating at home and I see him as a fair contender for a medal, as well.
Let’s see how it plays out. That’s the fun of it, after all!
The Games begin in just a few minutes. Happy Olympics, World!