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Google Places Thinks Jack In The Box Is A Vegan Restaurant

jack in the box is not a vegan restaurant

I run the search ‘vegan restaurant, x city, california’ not infrequently to see if any noteworthy new ones have turned up. Well, today I encountered Google’s opinion on the 2nd most relevant vegan restaurant in Novato, California, and as you can see from my screenshot…it’s Jack in the Box.
Really, it’s kind of the last place I’d think of going for a vegan meal, but what do I know? There’s nothing in the reviews naming this franchise as a fine vegan restaurant, worthy of #2 placement in the local SERPs. I haven’t dug into the citations, but perhaps Google knows something I don’t about Jack In The Box. Out of curiosity, I did a quick search for ‘jack in the box vegan’ and lo and behold, there are websites out there telling you how to eat vegan items at this chain.
I’m left with 3 thoughts.
It’s very weird to think of vegans eating at a Jack In the Box.
Google Places is sometimes humorous.
The town of Novato is not doing so great cuisine-wise if this is truly the 2nd best offering for vegan diners.
What do you think? Should Google have designated this famous fast food restaurant a destination for vegans? When Google has a paucity of information for a specific category of businesses in a specific town, should they just throw other things into the SERPs, even if they aren’t well related? For example, in a town with 2 dentists, should the 3rd result be a chiropractor, just to fill up an extra spot?
Is Jack in the Box as vegan restaurant a successful display of relevance?